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AIMing for Success: The Strengths of the UK’s Junior Market

August 6, 2019 • BUSINESS & INNOVATION, EuropeComments (0)

By Sam Pearse and Ashmi Bhagani Designed primarily for the equity securities of small and medium-sized growth companies that either cannot, or do not want to, qualify for the Main Market, London’s AIM has seen over £110 billion of development capital raised by more than 3,600 companies since its inception in 2005. However, a wider …

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The Political Economy of Inequality and the Issue of ‘Catching-up’

August 6, 2019 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, Featured, World DevelopmentComments (0)

By Kalim Siddiqui Why do some countries grow faster than others? In this article the author discusses issues related to the economic growth and the ‘catching-up’ of developing with developed countries.   In the 1950s, the US per capita income, at

Japan Inc. will defy its critics and innovate once more

August 6, 2019 • EMERGING TRENDS, Digital Transformation, Asia - PacificComments (0)

By Gianfranco Casati Japan’s corporate leaders face a big challenge in fulfilling the nation’s ambitious plan to create what the government calls Society 5.0, a supersmart world in which digital innovation leads the way.   Tokyo wants to be a

MENA’s Growing Young Population is a Huge Opportunity – If We Get It Right

August 5, 2019 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, Middle East & AfricaComments (0)

By Geert Cappelaere Youth as tomorrow’s builders are the most important segment of the population and they pose a great potential to expand a country’s social and economic capacity. But before reaping the economic surplus of a country with a growing young

Carrefour’s History and Exit from China

August 5, 2019 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, China, FeaturedComments (0)

By Lisa Qixun Siebers Carrefour is a French retailer with a successful history of being China’s largest and fastest growing foreign retail stores in 1995. However, with the country’s digitalisation in 2010, Carrefour has failed to adapt with the changing

Blockchain, Poverty and Time Travel to 2030

August 5, 2019 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, Global InsightsComments (0)

By Namira Samir We all know the story. Government made a forecast of its expenditures and revenues in every fiscal year; Government disbursed the funds, poverty rate decreased, income inequality stayed volatile. Everything was in balance until the UN

Creating an Enabling Environment for Renewable Energy in Resource-Rich MENA Countries

August 5, 2019 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, Climate Change & Society, Middle East & AfricaComments (0)

By Rahmat Poudineh, Anupama Sen, and Dr. Bassam Fattouh In this article, we argue that investment in renewable energy sources is a no-regret strategy for hydrocarbon exporting economies of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). It is also in line with some

50+ Shades of World Debt

August 2, 2019 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, EMERGING TRENDS, Capitalism in the 21st Century, In-depthComments (0)

Imagine if one day your debt piled so high you owed more than three times your income.  For an individual, it’s a nightmare scenario. Unimaginable. For countries, it’s simply how the economy works. Financial obligations are stacking higher each year,

Greece – Suicide or Murder?

August 1, 2019 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, Commentary, EuropeComments (0)

By Peter Koenig Pundits from the left, from the right and from the center cannot stop reporting about Greece’s misery. And rightly so. Because Greece, the vast majority of her people live in deep economic hardship. No hope. Unemployment is officially at

Revolutionising Japan’s Businesses Through Women

July 22, 2019 • CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, Asia - Pacific, Special Report: How to Lead the Changing JapanComments (0)

By Alecsandra Tubiera   There will always be a call for more women in the workforce, and as times are changing, it is evident that women are now leading the top enterprises in the market. In Japan today, more women are getting employed, and this could