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Why Investing Young Is A Good Investment

June 23, 2019 • FINANCE & BANKING, Personal FinanceComments (0)

You may be a young adult enjoying your freedom, and investing is the last thing on your mind. You may have heard about it or know nothing about it at all, but the thing is, you should start investing as young as possible. Don’t think it’s too early to save for your retirement or future …

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5 Tips For Becoming More Financially Responsible

June 20, 2019 • Personal FinanceComments (0)

At one point or another, everyone must learn how to be financially responsible. Some people end up learning this skillset earlier in their life than others, but regardless, you will have bills to pay, and other responsibilities that require your attention and

To master Forex, become a student first

June 1, 2019 • FINANCE & BANKING, Global Capital Markets, Personal FinanceComments (0)

Most people want to know the secret to ever-lasting success in trading. The answer might not be the same but all the answers have one ingredient in common. Smart people may have solved the puzzle. It is to become humble before you can start making a profit.

5 advantages to getting benefit loans

May 25, 2019 • Personal FinanceComments (0)

Life can get expensive sometimes. As well as regular spending on essentials like food, phone, gas and electricity, plus clothes, transportation and things like a TV license there are events like birthdays, Christmas and a holiday to pay for. Getting by week

Currency Exchange Tips On How to Exchange Currency on Holiday

May 7, 2019 • CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, Personal FinanceComments (0)

By Justin Rampono   Your bags are packed, and now you’re ready to go. You’ve finally headed off that plane for a holiday. But there’s one thing left for you to do: have enough foreign currency in that country that you are going to. You are still

5 Best Card Readers For A Small Business

April 21, 2019 • Digital Transformation, Personal FinanceComments (0)

Looking for a way to drive sales and overcome the hassle of payment processing? Well, a good card reader can make all the difference. It won’t only make it easier for you to take card payments but it will also give your business an upper edge in today’s

What is Lot Size in Forex?

April 9, 2019 • FINANCE & BANKING, Global Capital Markets, Personal FinanceComments (0)

Lot is an important term in Forex. If you read about trading, you’ll probably encounter this word; but not all beginners know exactly what it means. So, what is Lot? How does it affect your forex trading? This article will give you the basic definition of

How An Accounting Degree Can Help You In Business

March 26, 2019 • FINANCE & BANKING, Personal FinanceComments (0)

You’ll have a lot on your plate once you decide to run a business. For starters, you need to find the best suppliers, hire the right people for the job, and come up with unique marketing strategies in order to attract customers. But aside from these, your

How Can Loans Help Those With a Bad Credit History

February 22, 2019 • CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, Personal FinanceComments (9)

Having a bad credit history can impact significantly on your lifestyle. It means that you will be unlikely to be accepted for a loan and if you are, you will end up paying large amounts of interest as providers will consider that you are a bad risk. There are

Understanding Overdraft Protection and Other Banking Fees

January 29, 2019 • Personal FinanceComments (0)

Anyone with a bank account has most likely heard of overdraft protection — and most of these people have dealt with it as well. Overdraft protection can come in handy at times, like when you have to pay for something as soon as possible but you lack the