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Is Inequality a Clear Infringement of the Human Right to Health?

August 29, 2017 • EMERGING TRENDS, Capitalism in the 21st Century, Healthcare Reform, Climate Change & Society, World DevelopmentComments (0)

By Claudio Schuftan Inequality in health is a morally significant fact in itself. Yet the current status of health inequality trends among and within countries shows that health inequalities are increasing. The long-term solutions to this worrisome situation are not with political leaders and policy makers worldwide. Read here who must address these issues

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Food – Wars and Pharma – Trailblazing the Way to Human Demise

July 31, 2017 • EMERGING TRENDS, CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, Capitalism in the 21st Century, Healthcare ReformComments (0)

By Peter Koenig In this article, Peter Koenig connects the dots and sheds light on how food, drugs, and bombs all play together in the grand plan of the masters of the western world. Read on as the author calls out, “Be aware and stop falling into the

The Trump-Ryan Healthcare Act: Some Economic Consequences

March 16, 2017 • CRITICAL ANALYSIS, Healthcare Reform, AmericasComments (0)

By Jack Rasmus While Republicans on the Right and the Far Right wrangle over whether to repeal the Obamacare Affordable Care Act (ACA), or just revise it, the Ryan proposal does both. How can that be? Revise and yet repeal?   The repeal is every dollar

Rethinking a Women’s Health Care Agenda

November 26, 2014 • CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, Healthcare Reform, AmericasComments (0)

By Marian Lief Palley and Howard A. Palley Women’s health care issues are increasingly a part of the political agenda in the United States. Below, Marian Lief Palley and Howard A. Palley argue that the organised women’s movement has often been successful

China’s Path to Health Policy Reform

July 28, 2014 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, Healthcare Reform, In-depth, China, Unprotected PostComments (0)

By Åke Blomqvist Serious problems arose in the health care sector when China introduced market-based methods of economic management, as rising out-of-pocket costs impoverished families and many went without needed care. In response, China has expanded its

A System Perspective on India’s Healthcare Industry

July 28, 2014 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, Healthcare Reform, India, World DevelopmentComments (0)

By Lawton Robert Burns As one of the recently industrialized nations, India has a fast-growing economy as well as an ever-expanding, ever-urbanized population, however its healthcare system still has a lot of potential for development. Lawton Robert Burns

Trade and Employment in Asia

November 13, 2013 • CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, Frontier Markets, Healthcare Reform, Asia - PacificComments (0)

By Niny Khor & Devashish Mitra While it is understood that trade leads to higher economic growth, the question of whether increased trade and openness to global markets benefits workers is still debated. Below, Niny Khor and Devashish Mitra argue that

Putting the Patient in Charge: the future of healthcare

September 13, 2013 • BUSINESS & INNOVATION, Healthcare ReformComments (0)

By Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, founder and CEO, Patients Know Best Giving patients control of their own medical records and putting them at the centre of their own healthcare management makes sense for patients, for clinicians and for healthcare institutions wishing

When People Come First

September 13, 2013 • Healthcare ReformComments (0)

By João Biehl & Adriana Petryna The Global health community is an evolving and expanding field. Below, João Biehl and Adriana Petryna consider the importance of addressing the medical, social, political, and economic dimensions of the global health

Rebuilding Retirement System Resiliency in the Wake of the Financial Crisis

November 14, 2012 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, Healthcare ReformComments (0)

By Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. Mitchell & Mark Warshawsky The global financial meltdown has had important repercussions for capital market returns, labor market earnings, household retirement and consumption patterns, old-age Social Security systems, and