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From A Niche Market To The Mainstream: What Has Driven Islamic Banking Growth?

January 4, 2012 • FINANCE & BANKING, EMERGING TRENDS, Frontier Markets, Banking Innovation, Middle East & Africa, Personal FinanceComments (0)

By Patrick Imam and Kangni Kpodar Despite the rapid growth in Islamic banking during the past decade, challenges remain, pointing to the need for further reforms and greater harmonization in the interpretation of what is Shariah compliant between Islamic scholars and bankers. You might also like: Decrypting The Aspiring Indian Low-Income Consumer From

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The Believers Are But A Single Brotherhood1: Political Islam In Post-Mubarak Egypt

January 4, 2012 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, CRITICAL ANALYSIS, World Politics, International Relations, Middle East & AfricaComments (0)

By Joseph Yackley The fall of Mubarak and the rise of political Islam illustrate the hidden power of social change. To understand how Egypt’s Islamists performed so well and what it means for Egypt’s future, turn the clocks back to 1952. You might also

The New Scramble for Africa

January 4, 2012 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, EMERGING TRENDS, CRITICAL ANALYSIS, Frontier Markets, World Politics, International Relations, Middle East & Africa, World DevelopmentComments (0)

By Pádraig Carmody Something has certainly changed in the intervening years in Africa, and in its relations with the outside world, even if excessive pessimism or optimism is unwarranted. What accounts for these changes, and what does this mean for African

Emerging Markets are Re-Shaping the Global Economy, But Also Shaking It

January 4, 2012 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, FINANCE & BANKING, EMERGING TRENDS, Frontier Markets, Americas, Asia - Pacific, China, Europe, Global Capital Markets, India, Middle East & AfricaComments (0)

By George Magnus From global tourism to manufactured products, and from industrial processes to modern technologies order, the re-convergence of emerging markets and their economic dynamism are re-shaping the world, and they are simultaneously shaking it. You

Islamic Finance: Is the Time Ripe for a Private Sector Trade Association?

December 28, 2010 • FINANCE & BANKING, Banking Innovation, Global Capital Markets, Middle East & AfricaComments (0)

By Robert B Gray The growing significance of Islamic finance has brought into sharp focus the similarities and the potential for convergence with respect to market practices between conventional modes of financing and the market for Shariah-compliant

China in Africa: Think again

December 28, 2010 • Middle East & AfricaComments (0)

By Deborah Bräutigam You think you know what China is doing in Africa. You’ve seen the headlines: the Chinese arrived in Africa a few years ago in a desperate search for oil. They set up a huge aid program targeting resource-rich, pariah states that would