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Greek Parliament Passes Debt Agreement, but European Democracy is on its Knees

July 30, 2015 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, FINANCE & BANKING, CRITICAL ANALYSIS, World Politics, Europe, Governance & RegulationComments (1)

By Jonathan Hopkin   Almost as soon as the Greek deal was agreed, it began to come apart at the seams. Passage of the necessary legislation through the Greek parliament led to Syriza splitting in two as Alexis Tsipras, the Greek prime minister, drew on the votes of the right to force through a deal …

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Boards Face Leadership Crisis In Changing Times

June 4, 2015 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, FINANCE & BANKING, Governance & RegulationComments (0)

By Andrew Kakabadse Boards can prove easy targets for their critics. Below, Andrew Kakabadse discusses how to make boards work, and argues that directors should be independent enough to raise questions and challenge management decisions, while board diversity

Leadership as the Search for Greater Coherence

June 4, 2015 • EMERGING TRENDS, BUSINESS & INNOVATION, SPECIAL FEATURES, Global Giants, Governance & Regulation, Unprotected PostComments (0)

By Nathan Harter Literature around leadership is not hard to come by, but there are few texts that examine the process of leadership from where it begins – in the leader’s mind. Below, Nathan Harter analyses how great leaders have embraced the often

Greece debt crisis: ‘100% chance of success’ says Varoufakis

June 3, 2015 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, FINANCE & BANKING, Europe, Global Capital Markets, Governance & Regulation, VideosComments (0)

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From Hubris to Disgrace: The End of Finance as we Know it…

March 26, 2015 • FINANCE & BANKING, In-depth, Banking Innovation, Global Capital Markets, Governance & Regulation, Unprotected PostComments (0)

By Mark Esposito and Terence Tse In this article, Mark Esposito (co-editor with O’Sullivan and Allington of the book From Hubris to Disgrace) and Terence Tse, take a closer look at the economic and philosophical domain of finance in order to understand the

Natural Disasters, Bank Damages, and Firm Activities

January 25, 2015 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, FINANCE & BANKING, Asia - Pacific, Global Capital Markets, Governance & RegulationComments (0)

By Kaoru Hosono and Daisuke Miyakawa Below Kaoru Hosono and Daisuke Miyakawa examine the impacts of financial shocks arising from two earthquakes in

How Asia Works: Finance – The Merits of A Short Leash

November 26, 2014 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, Capitalism in the 21st Century, Asia - Pacific, Governance & RegulationComments (0)

By Joe Studwell Deregulating finance for short-term gains may work in developed Western economies, and even then only at times, but premature deregulation has wreaked havoc in many poorer nations. Here Joe Studwell looks to East Asian economic history to

Can Capitalism Save the Environment?

November 26, 2014 • Capitalism in the 21st Century, Climate Change & Society, Governance & Regulation, World DevelopmentComments (0)

By Tabitha M. Benney Developing economies can provide an invaluable contribution to the effort to prevent further climate change. Below Tabitha M. Benney illustrates how a better understanding of differing market economies is needed before policymakers try to

A Watershed in the Financing of Infrastructure for Water Security

September 26, 2014 • CRITICAL ANALYSIS, Editor’s Choice, Governance & Regulation, Unprotected Post, World DevelopmentComments (0)

By John Briscoe Water is a basic necessity – crucial not only for sustaining life, but also for facilitating sustainable economic growth. Below, Professor John Briscoe calls out the hypocrisy of much of the last four decades of rich countries’ policies

Climate Change: Legal, Financial, Economic and Risk Management Issues

September 26, 2014 • EMERGING TRENDS, Climate Change & Society, Governance & Regulation, World DevelopmentComments (0)

By Tapen Sinha Human activities have accelerated the process of climate change. Since dealing with climate change requires collective action across countries and across regions, their often-divergent incentives make such action difficult to achieve. Our only