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China’s International Renminbi Is Coming – Is Wall Street Ready?

September 29, 2016 • China, EMERGING TRENDS, FINANCE & BANKING, Global Capital Markets, GLOBAL ECONOMYComments (0)

By Dan Steinbock                On October 1, the Chinese renminbi officially becomes the fifth international reserve currency. Until recently, Washington played geopolitics to defer the renminbi’s internationalisation. But what about Wall Street?   On October 1, 2016, the Chinese renminbi (RMB) will officially join the International

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China’s Devastating Floods: From Adaptation to Mitigation

July 28, 2016 • China, Dan Steinbock, GLOBAL ECONOMYComments (0)

By Dan Steinbock     After weeks of torrential rain across central and southern China, the mainland has suffered from a series of devastating floods. As the total price tag has soared, the impact will be felt in economic growth. You might also like: The


Time for Reset and Realism in the South China Sea

July 20, 2016 • Asia - Pacific, China, CRITICAL ANALYSIS, Dan Steinbock, International RelationsComments (0)

By Dan Steinbock After the South China Sea arbitration ruling, uncertainty and friction may increase in the region. However, the economic promise of China’s rise and the Asian century will only materialise with peace and stability in the region. You might


Reflections on the Post-Aquino Philippine-China Relations: Taking into Account the Realities of Geopolitics

July 15, 2016 • Americas, Asia - Pacific, China, CRITICAL ANALYSIS, GLOBAL ECONOMY, International Relations, Unprotected PostComments (1)

By Renato Cruz De Castro This article examines how the Philippines challenged China’s expansive maritime claim in the South China Sea during President Aquino’s term and also explores the crucial question of whether the next administration will continue or


Philippines 2016: Navigating Between the US and China

June 27, 2016 • Americas, Asia - Pacific, China, International RelationsComments (0)

By Dan Steinbock               In the past six years, Washington and Manila have been cementing a military alliance, which is reassuring to many Filipinos but leaves some apprehensive – including the leading presidential contenders. You might


Understanding Corporate Credibility in Repeated Game between Enterprise and Stakeholders

June 1, 2016 • China, Climate Change & Society, EMERGING TRENDSComments (0)

By Zonghao Bao and Han Wang This article investigates whether and how the interaction and repeated game between enterprise and stakeholders can influence corporate credibility performance in practice. The authors use the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


The Internet in China: How the Network is Shaping the PRC’s Economic and Social Landscape

February 4, 2016 • BUSINESS & INNOVATION, China, CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, Digital Transformation, EMERGING TRENDSComments (1)

By Eric Harwit Chinese e-commerce and communications companies are playing leading roles in the nation’s continued Internet development. These corporations are expanding their roles in e-commerce, communications apps, and other fields that both support


China’s Key Cities: From Local Places to Global Players

December 1, 2015 • China, CRITICAL ANALYSIS, GLOBAL ECONOMY, In-depth, Unprotected Post, World DevelopmentComments (1)

By Xiangming Chen China’s geographically uneven growth plays a key role in regional integration by creating more varied and largely beneficial global connections. In this article, Xiangming Chen discusses China’s key cities and how they not only drive


China’s Product Safety Problem: How Should Marketing Managers Make Ethical Decisions in China?

December 1, 2015 • BUSINESS & INNOVATION, China, CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, Editor’s Choice, GLOBAL ECONOMY, Global Giants, In-depth, Unprotected PostComments (2)

By Bang Nguyen and David De Cremer China has been known to be the world’s largest manufacturer, but its growth has reduced and thus is affecting consumer’s decision to buy due to various reasons. Bang Nguyen and David De Cremer will tackle in this article


Making Renminbi a World Currency would not be Bad for Euro

December 1, 2015 • China, Dan Steinbock, Europe, FINANCE & BANKING, Global Capital Markets, GLOBAL ECONOMYComments (0)

By Dan Steinbock The International Monetary Fund (IMF) will decide this month whether to make the Chinese Renminbi the fifth international reserve currency. For the Euro, that would not be a win or lose game. You might also like: The Strategy for Korea’s