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Dynamic Mechanism of “Social Modernisation” with Chinese Characteristics

June 5, 2017 • CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, ChinaComments (0)

 By Bao Zonghao, Xiang Kun and Zhang Shuangshuang While the classic concept of “modernisation” and its logical extension are dedicated to “economic modernisation”,we argue that real modernisation should be “social modernisation”; “social modernisation” with Chinese characteristics is “modernisation of society” based on the economic

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Executives on the Brink: The Taboo of Mental Health in the City of London

May 29, 2017 • CULTURE & LIFESTYLEComments (0)

By Ben Laker The World Health Organisation believes that mental health affects one in four people in their lifetime. This  article discusses how companies can help employees who work in demanding jobs take mental health well-being more seriously.   Long

Tourism and the Modern World

March 28, 2017 • CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, Editor’s Choice, In-depth, World DevelopmentComments (0)

By Eric G. E. Zuelow Tourism is among the largest industries in the world and many people assume that humans engaged in leisure travel from earliest times. In reality, tourism emerged much more recently. It developed as a product of modernisation but also

Expatriates Changing Societies: The Case of Russia

February 14, 2017 • BUSINESS & INNOVATION, CULTURE & LIFESTYLEComments (0)

By V. Karacharovskiy, O. Shkaratan and G. Yastrebov Expatriates are admitted to analytics, decision making or strategic control in foreign (or partially foreign) companies. In Russia, such companies account for roughly one third of domestic turnover. The

Youth and US Elections: About Way More than Just the Horserace

November 8, 2016 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, CRITICAL ANALYSIS, CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, On US Election 2016Comments (0)

By Peter Levine and Abby Kiesa A lasting impact of electoral engagement can deepen the civic life of communities. New research suggests that being involved with others on solutions to social problems contributes to young people to flourishing and achieving

The Business of People: Effective Strategies to Drive Success in Global Business

October 11, 2016 • BUSINESS & INNOVATION, CULTURE & LIFESTYLEComments (0)

By Sharon Schweitzer In this article, Sharon M. Schweitzer delves into the intricacies of the global marketplace. She shares an eight-point introduction in cultivating communication skills and developing self-awareness to gain the cultural intelligence to

Sharing Strikes Back: A New Era of Urban Commoning

October 5, 2016 • EMERGING TRENDS, BUSINESS & INNOVATION, CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, Digital Transformation, Climate Change & SocietyComments (0)

By Duncan Mclaren And Julian Agyeman In this article, the authors offer three visions of modern sharing beyond that of the “sharing economy”: as a challenge to consumerism, as a revival of the ethos of the public sector, and as an inspiration for a

The Rise of Uber and the Sharing Economy

September 13, 2016 • BUSINESS & INNOVATION, CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, Digital TransformationComments (1)

By Jared Meyer The sharing economy clearly benefits workers and consumers. So why does opposition to innovative business models persist? The answer: entrenched interests continue to use government to suppress competition. You might also like: Corporate

Olympic Creed Over Olympic Cost Overruns

August 16, 2016 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, Dan SteinbockComments (0)

By Dan Steinbock Olympics celebrate struggle for excellence, not costs. As more emerging economies are hosting Olympics, it is time to recall the Olympic Creed.   When Brazil won the right to host the Summer Games over six years ago, its economy was booming

Ancient Amazons: Warrior Women in Myth and History

March 25, 2016 • CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, In-depth, Asia - Pacific, Europe, Unprotected Post, World DevelopmentComments (3)

By Adrienne Mayor In Greek myth, Amazons were fierce women of exotic lands who gloried in hunting and war. The greatest Greek heroes, Heracles and Achilles, proved their valor by killing Amazon queens. But were Amazons mere fantasy? Thanks to archaeology, we