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What Does a 21st Century Enterprise Look Like?

September 30, 2015 • BUSINESS & INNOVATION, Digital Transformation, EMERGING TRENDSComments (0)

By Anant Gupta What do organisations need to learn to survive and thrive? As Anant Gupta sees it, they have to remodel themselves as a 21st century enterprise (21CE). In this article, Gupta discusses the five distinct characteristics of a 21CE and the core IT/Technology Services that they should provide in order to meet customers’ …

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India’s Lessons for Creating a Digital Business

September 30, 2015 • BUSINESS & INNOVATION, Digital Transformation, IndiaComments (1)

By Raghav Narsalay and Avnish Sabharwal As India rapidly moves into the digital era, leading Indian businesses are changing their business models to capture the opportunity.   India is quickly becoming a digital country. The evidence of rapid change is


Moore’s Law Continues to Drive Change

September 30, 2015 • BUSINESS & INNOVATION, Digital Transformation, EMERGING TRENDSComments (0)

By Daniel Burrus Moore’s Law states that the number of components in integrated circuits would double every two years. As a result, size would decrease while processing power increased. In this article, Daniel Burrus discusses about how digital advancement


Boosting Business Productivity and Driving Innovation: CEOs Welcome Robotics Revolution

June 4, 2015 • Digital Transformation, EMERGING TRENDSComments (0)

While robotics may still be a long way off world domination, this technology has already moved past the point of simply replacing existing human activities to the beginnings of an augmented and collaborative working model alongside people, what PwC calls the


Embedding Security in the Internet of Things

July 28, 2014 • BUSINESS & INNOVATION, CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, Digital Transformation, EMERGING TRENDS, Global GiantsComments (0)

By Jim Carlsson The Internet of Things will mean a better-connected world, with huge possibilities for positive change – and big opportunities for cyber-criminals. Jim Carlsson, CEO of Clavister says security must be placed at the heart of the next


The Future of Work


By Ian Pearson Many jobs didn’t exist a decade ago. New technology creates new jobs, but can eradicate jobs too. Below, Ian Pearson discusses the future of work and technology, and addresses the business and managerial impacts of future technology,


Open Heartbleed Surgery – Securing Against Further Vulnerabilities

May 28, 2014 • Digital Transformation, Global Giants, SPECIAL FEATURESComments (0)

By David Sandin David Sandin, product manager at Clavister looks at the implications of the Heartbleed bug and the use of open-source code libraries in vendors’ security solutions. There’s a saying that’s familiar to many: “When you assume, you make


Vignettes from the Modern Workplace

May 28, 2014 • BUSINESS & INNOVATION, Digital Transformation, GLOBAL ECONOMYComments (0)

By David Weil Working conditions are transforming as a result of a fundamental restructuring of employment in many parts of the economy. Below, David Weil considers the impacts of the fissured workplace. A maid works at the San Francisco Marriott on


Business Analytics and Decision-Making: The Years Ahead

May 28, 2014 • BUSINESS & INNOVATION, Digital TransformationComments (1)

By Jay Liebowitz It is readily apparent that business analytics is an emerging and fast-growing field. Universities and colleges are developing programs in this area, and companies are developing relationships with universities (such as IBM and Ohio State