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ExecuJet: Taking off in Africa

November 26, 2014 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, EMERGING TRENDS, CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, SPECIAL FEATURES, Frontier Markets, Middle East & Africa, Special Report: The Future is Green, Unprotected PostComments (0)

Interview with Chris Frost While road and rail links in many areas of Africa remain underdeveloped, the business aviation industry is taking off. Here we speak to Chris Frost of ExecuJet, Africa about the role that non-scheduled aviation will necessarily play in the development of trade and business in the continent. You might also like: …

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Lions Go Global

November 26, 2014 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, Frontier Markets, Americas, Middle East & Africa, World DevelopmentComments (0)

By Susan Lund And James Manyika Imagine a room containing the US President and Vice President and former President Bill Clinton, nearly 40 African heads of state, and a brace of CEOs of the largest US companies. This gives you a flavour of the extraordinary

China and the Middle East: More Than Oil

November 26, 2014 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, EMERGING TRENDS, Frontier Markets, International Relations, China, Middle East & AfricaComments (3)

By Abbās Varij Kāzemi & Xiangming Chen China has spread its ties to the Middle East in ways that go beyond oil. Below, Abbās Varij Kāzemi and Xiangming Chen argue that if we want to know what China’s next global move might be, we should watch the

The Brasília Consensus: Looking for a Second Wind

September 26, 2014 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, Frontier Markets, AmericasComments (0)

By Lourdes Casanova and Julian Kassum This article examines Brazil’s hybrid development model, which combines macroeconomic orthodoxy with certain features of state capitalism, as well as pro-active social inclusion policies. Lourdes Casanova and Julian

Toward a New Global Russia: Leaving the BRICS Behind

September 26, 2014 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, Frontier Markets, International Relations, Asia - Pacific, EuropeComments (0)

By Terence Tse, Mark Esposito, and Olaf Groth While Russia’s growth in the early 2000s inspired confidence in its potential as a global economic powerhouse, falling international oil prices and foreign military exploits have slowed the pace of growth and

Luxury Brands Need to Chart a Course into New Frontier Markets

September 22, 2014 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, SPECIAL FEATURES, Frontier Markets, Editor’s Choice, Asia - Pacific, China, India, Middle East & Africa, Strategies for the Changing World, Unprotected PostComments (0)

By Glyn Atwal and Douglas Bryson The progressively unpredictable dynamics of the BRIC markets are now challenging luxury brands to rethink their global market strategies. Below, Glyn Atwal and Douglas Bryson argue that as luxury brands seek to adapt to new

The New Competition: Brands from Emerging Markets

January 20, 2014 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, BUSINESS & INNOVATION, Frontier Markets, Editor’s Choice, Unprotected PostComments (0)

By Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp In an article adapted from Brand Breakout: How Emerging Market Brands Will Go Global, Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp argues that emerging market brands will become increasingly global, and suggests that the strategies these

InnovaBRICS & Beyond: An Interview with Marcos Troyjo

January 13, 2014 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, Frontier Markets, World Politics, In-depth, Unprotected PostComments (0)

Marcos Troyjo is Co-Director of the BRICLab at Columbia University, a special forum on Brazil, Russia, India and China at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). He is also founder of the Center for Business Diplomacy, an

Writing Theory from the South: The Global Order from an African Perspective

November 13, 2013 • EMERGING TRENDS, CRITICAL ANALYSIS, Frontier Markets, International Relations, Middle East & Africa, World DevelopmentComments (0)

By Jean Comaroff & John L. Comaroff Western thought has, from the first, regarded the non-West as a place of antiquarian traditions and unprocessed data. Below, Jean Comaroff and John L. Comaroff suggest that, in the present moment, it is the global south

Trade and Employment in Asia

November 13, 2013 • CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, Frontier Markets, Healthcare Reform, Asia - PacificComments (0)

By Niny Khor & Devashish Mitra While it is understood that trade leads to higher economic growth, the question of whether increased trade and openness to global markets benefits workers is still debated. Below, Niny Khor and Devashish Mitra argue that