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From A Niche Market To The Mainstream: What Has Driven Islamic Banking Growth?

January 4, 2012 • FINANCE & BANKING, EMERGING TRENDS, Frontier Markets, Banking Innovation, Middle East & Africa, Personal FinanceComments (0)

By Patrick Imam and Kangni Kpodar Despite the rapid growth in Islamic banking during the past decade, challenges remain, pointing to the need for further reforms and greater harmonization in the interpretation of what is Shariah compliant between Islamic scholars and bankers. You might also like: Decrypting The Aspiring Indian Low-Income Consumer From

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The New Scramble for Africa

January 4, 2012 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, EMERGING TRENDS, CRITICAL ANALYSIS, Frontier Markets, World Politics, International Relations, Middle East & Africa, World DevelopmentComments (0)

By Pádraig Carmody Something has certainly changed in the intervening years in Africa, and in its relations with the outside world, even if excessive pessimism or optimism is unwarranted. What accounts for these changes, and what does this mean for African

Emerging Markets are Re-Shaping the Global Economy, But Also Shaking It

January 4, 2012 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, FINANCE & BANKING, EMERGING TRENDS, Frontier Markets, Americas, Asia - Pacific, China, Europe, Global Capital Markets, India, Middle East & AfricaComments (0)

By George Magnus From global tourism to manufactured products, and from industrial processes to modern technologies order, the re-convergence of emerging markets and their economic dynamism are re-shaping the world, and they are simultaneously shaking it. You

Time to Win Investors Over

January 4, 2012 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, FINANCE & BANKING, EMERGING TRENDS, Capitalism in the 21st Century, Editor’s Choice, Global Capital Markets, Governance & Regulation, Personal Finance, Unprotected PostComments (0)

By Baruch Lev Managers need to be able to respond to investors’ concerns and regain their trust, but their response is seriously hindered by the numerous myths and misconceptions they hold about investors and capital markets. This article explains why. You

Investing in Liquid Gold

January 4, 2012 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, FINANCE & BANKING, EMERGING TRENDS, CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, Europe, Personal FinanceComments (0)

Whisky is rapidly becoming the new wine as people look for different ways of investing and growing their cash. Independent whisky expert Dominic Roskrow looks in to the rise of liquid gold. You might also like: How An Accounting Degree Can Help You In

How Green is the Cloud?

January 4, 2012 • EMERGING TRENDS, BUSINESS & INNOVATION, SPECIAL FEATURES, Digital Transformation, Unprotected PostComments (0)

By Kfir Godrich, VP & Managing Principal for HP Technology Services While many industry researchers present wildly differing ROI metrics for how a move to cloud computing will result in savings of anywhere from 30 to 50% into the 2020 timeframe, you need

The United States of America or the Soviet Socialist States of America?

December 28, 2010 • CRITICAL ANALYSIS, Capitalism in the 21st Century, World Politics, AmericasComments (0)

By Richard Morrish “Owners of capital will stimulate the working class to buy more and more expensive goods, houses and technology, pushing them to take more and more expensive credits, until debt becomes unbearable. The unpaid debt will lead to the

Too systemic to fail: Consequences, causes, and potential remedies

December 28, 2010 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, FINANCE & BANKING, EMERGING TRENDS, Capitalism in the 21st Century, Americas, Banking Innovation, Europe, Global Capital MarketsComments (0)

By Raghuram Rajan Perhaps the single biggest distortion to the free enterprise system is when a number of private institutions are deemed by political and regulatory authorities as too systemic to fail. Resources are trapped in corporate structures that have