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Internationalising Media Studies

July 28, 2014 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, EMERGING TRENDS, CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, Editor’s Choice, China, India, Unprotected PostComments (0)

By Daya Thussu For hundreds of years the West has dominated the world of Media Studies, but Daya Thussu is about to prove to us that countries such as China and India are fast becoming a challenge to the Western hold on the world of Media Studies. You might also like: Decrypting The Aspiring Indian …

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Urban Development In India

July 28, 2014 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, Climate Change & Society, India, World DevelopmentComments (0)

By A. Panagariya, P. Chakraborty & M. Govinda Rao Below, Arvind Panagariya, Pinaki Chakraborty and M. Govinda Rao give a detailed account of India’s vast need for urban development, and suggest there are important governance issues surrounding the need

A System Perspective on India’s Healthcare Industry

July 28, 2014 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, Healthcare Reform, India, World DevelopmentComments (0)

By Lawton Robert Burns As one of the recently industrialized nations, India has a fast-growing economy as well as an ever-expanding, ever-urbanized population, however its healthcare system still has a lot of potential for development. Lawton Robert Burns

India: Domestic Lenses for a Global Vision for the 21st Century

June 28, 2014 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, Editor’s Choice, In-depth, India, Unprotected Post, World DevelopmentComments (0)

By Jean-Pierre Lehmann India has emerged as one of the world’s six leading nations. Its global ambitions, however, are mired by difficult domestic circumstances and myopic national lenses. Jean Pierre Lehmann charts India’s economic standing throughout

Company Boards in China and India – Functioning on Half a Brain?

June 28, 2014 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, BUSINESS & INNOVATION, China, IndiaComments (0)

By Alice de Jonge Studies have shown that companies perform better when there is an equal representation of women at senior levels. However, some countries have a noticeable lack of female leaders. This article focuses on how China and India need to find

Is the Reversal of the Moratorium on GM Crops Good for India?

May 28, 2014 • CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, Climate Change & Society, India, World DevelopmentComments (0)

By A. Narayanamoorthy and P. Alli The Indian government and policymakers are debating whether or not to reverse its current moratorium on GM crops. Here, the authors argue that to solve the agrarian crisis in India and alleviate some of Indian farmers’

Building Ethical Business Cultures: BRIC by BRIC

November 13, 2013 • Editor’s Choice, In-depth, Asia - Pacific, China, Climate Change & Society, Europe, India, Unprotected PostComments (0)

By Alexandre Ardichvili, Douglas Jondle, Jack Wiley, Edgard Cornacchione, Jessica Li & Thomas Thakadipuram As the economies of Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRICs) continue to grow both in size and clout, and their resident multinational corporations

A Story About Inspiring A Local Community To Become Entrepreneurial Using Lessons Learnt From IT Management Consultancy

January 14, 2013 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, SPECIAL FEATURES, Americas, Asia - Pacific, China, Europe, India, Middle East & Africa, Unprotected PostComments (0)

By Yiannis Kanellopoulos IT management consulting is usually perceived as a technical endeavour in which consultants focus on bits and pieces. However, it primarily has to do with communicating and mobilising people within an organisation to change; the

How Corporations Co-Opt Compassion: Compliance, Cause-Related Marketing, and Corporate Social Responsibility

November 15, 2012 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, Americas, Asia - Pacific, China, Europe, India, Middle East & AfricaComments (0)

By Mara Einstein Cause marketing has become the go-to strategy for companies that want to engender consumer loyalty while differentiating themselves from the competition. While these campaigns raise some funding and help to increase awareness of important

Paisa Vasool: How to Captivate the Newly Affluent in China and India

November 14, 2012 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, BUSINESS & INNOVATION, China, IndiaComments (0)

By Michael J. Silverstein, Abheek Singhi, Carol Liao & David Michael How an innovative business strategy, first developed in India’s market stalls and street bazaars, is starting to spread from East to West as companies search for ways to deliver value