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Luxury consumer behaviour in Mainland China: What exists behind the facade of new wealth?

December 28, 2010 • CULTURE & LIFESTYLE, Asia - Pacific, ChinaComments (0)

By Pierre Xiao LU China recently became the world’s second largest market for luxury goods with an annual increase of more than 30% in 2010, even surpassing Japan. Further estimates predict that China will become the largest upscale product and consumer goods market in the world. How does a country with an average GDP per …

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Selling to the Poor

December 28, 2010 • Asia - Pacific, ChinaComments (1)

By Aneel Karnani The poor, of course, have many unmet needs. It would be wonderful if business could satisfy all (or even most of) these needs and make a profit in the bargain. It would be a painless, even a profitable, way to solve the problem of poverty.

Entrepreneurship in China

December 28, 2010 • Asia - Pacific, ChinaComments (2)

By Yasheng Huang By most accounts, China is one of the most entrepreneurial countries on earth. According to the widely cited Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), published by Babson College, on a range of dimensions, such as fear of failures and

China in Africa: Think again

December 28, 2010 • Middle East & AfricaComments (0)

By Deborah Bräutigam You think you know what China is doing in Africa. You’ve seen the headlines: the Chinese arrived in Africa a few years ago in a desperate search for oil. They set up a huge aid program targeting resource-rich, pariah states that would

Beyond Rising Sea Levels: Using the Insurance Asset to Manage Risk and Maximize Opportunity in the “Green” Economic Paradigm Shift

December 28, 2010 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, FINANCE & BANKINGComments (0)

By Lindene Patton The green paradigm shift: Climate change is causing much more than just rising sea levels. Climate change is changing the way we power a society that depends more heavily on power everyday; the way we transport ourselves; how we evaluate

Tax Havens, the Crisis of 2007 and Financial Regulations

December 28, 2010 • GLOBAL ECONOMY, FINANCE & BANKINGComments (0)

By Ronen Palan Tax havens have existed since early twentieth century, and are used primarily, but not exclusively, for tax evasion and avoidance. Tax havens are used, however, for other purposes as well. Since the early 1960s, all the premier tax havens of