The Trump-Ryan Healthcare Act: Some Economic Consequences

March 16, 2017

By Jack Rasmus While Republicans on the Right and the Far Right wrangle over whether to repeal the Obamacare Affordable Care Act (ACA), or just revise it, the

Trump – The Enigma

March 9, 2017


Return of Sovereign France

March 21, 2017

By Dan Steinbock In France, President Hollande’s utter failure to foster broad consensus for structural reforms has paved the way for a contested election.

US Election

Trump – The Enigma

March 9, 2017

By Peter Koenig In this article, Peter Koenig discusses a few of the bountiful contradictions and controversies of the new Trump Administration. The Donald,


Stronger Ethics for Better Leadership Using Confucianism and Systems Theory

February 14, 2017

By Dr. Sunnie Giles The lack of high ethical standards in Korea as noted in its current presidential corruption scandal destabilises its political system,

Governance & Regulation

Better Capitalised Banks Lend More and Lend Better

February 14, 2017

By Stephen G. Cecchetti & Kermit L. Schoenholtz Are higher capital requirements really a drag on economic growth? Many people seem to think so. We

Global Capital Markets

Tax Avoidance: Between Temptation and Trouble

February 14, 2017

By Matthias Kasper and Erich Kirchler Fostering tax compliance is a key challenge for global politics.  Public revenues need to be protected, and confidence



Trumping World Trade

January 24, 2017

By Dan Steinbock After the inauguration, President Trump has begun to reset the White House trade policies. But the consequences of “America First” stance

Business As Usual

December 12, 2016

Middle East & Africa

United You Don’t Stand

February 20, 2017

From the Editors The latest news about Israel is again about some on-going land grab. This is not new news. This has been going on for over 70 years. And in

Where Next for Syria?

February 16, 2017

Duterte and The Philippines

The Philippines “BRIC” Plan: From Regime Change Ploys to Accelerated Economic Development

January 30, 2017

By Dan Steinbock While the Obama White House prepared plans for regime change in the Philippines, President Trump is working on an assertive strategy in Asia.

Business & Innovation

Expatriates Changing Societies: The Case of Russia

February 14, 2017

By V. Karacharovskiy, O. Shkaratan and G. Yastrebov Expatriates are admitted to analytics, decision making or strategic control in foreign (or partially

World War 3.0 is Here

December 1, 2016